Sproket Journey

We use our 10+ years of experience to make your Sproket journey as smooth as possible.

1. Discovery and design

This is where we work closely with you to gather all the information required to get the project up and running. 

In a workshop setting, we get to know you (and you get to know us), to ensure we understand your business and technology context as we plan and deliver each component. 

The workshop brings together your key project stakeholders to explore current business concerns and review functional requirements so we can deliver what you need. 

Typically this includes representatives from the project team, IT, Communications and the business. 

We discuss timelines and budget and begin the high-level design. 


2. Build and brand

This is where you see your new intranet take shape.  

Our experienced developers install and configure Sproket and its features into your SharePoint/Office 365 environment, including any custom development or infrastructure components identified during the Discovery and design stage. 

Working with your IT team, we also create a draft Security Matrix. 

Your Sproket intranet is now branded, mobile-responsive, and ready for you and your team to populate and demonstrate to users.  

With only a little training, you’ll be ready to jump into our intuitive interface and see your new intranet come to life. 

During this step, you may choose to conduct testing on visuals and navigation and obtain internal sign-offs on design and layout. 

3. Refinements and content

This stage is all about populating and perfecting the site so it’s ready to launch to your employees. 

We take on board feedback from your initial User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and make refinements to the visual design and feature configuration. 

You’ll spend this time adding and migrating content with our flexible and easy-to-use page layouts and features and intuitive interface. 

Based on agreed requirements, we define and document the scope of the Search feature. 

4. Launch

Your site is fully configured. Your content looks great. Your employees are excited about what you’ve shown them so far and are keen to get started.

You’re ready for lift-off! 

We’re here to support you through the deployment with go-live support. 

5. Training and support

Our support doesn’t stop when the project ends. 

Whichever the support model you’ve selected, you’ll still have access to our awesome developers and team of Sproket and SharePoint experts. 

Plus, our online knowledge hub is a world of resources; packed full of guides and screenshots so you can make the most of every feature. 

Learn about new functionality as soon as it’s released in one of our frequent updates, use our resources to help train publishers and administrators or submit feedback to help us keep improving Sproket.