Why Sproket?

Sproket is a feature-rich, flexible and fully responsive intranet solution, built to sit over the top of SharePoint and Office 365.

Intranets are hard to get right but Sproket is simply brilliant: leverage existing SharePoint functionality and enhance it with ready-made Sproket features to create a powerful and intuitive intranet that supports business productivity, collaboration and communication.

Here’s why Sproket and the Sope team should be your first choice:

  • Flexibility: From small intranets to complex enterprise intranets and extranets, we deliver solutions tailored to your needs – with flexible support models to match.
  • Time and cost-effective: No need for time-consuming and expensive development work. Sproket is fast and cost-effective to install, typically ready to populate within two weeks of design documentation sign-off.
  • Simplicity: Sproket is simple to brand and configure and requires no technical expertise to build.
  • Experience: After 10 years and hundreds of intranet implementations, we’re confident we can make your project a success (plus, we’re a Gold Microsoft Partner).
  • People: Our customers tell us we’re pretty great to work with! Our talented developers and product experts work hard to deliver the right solution for your business.

You're covered by our satisfaction guarantee

We are 100% sure that you’ll find it easy to communicate, collaborate and run your company’s intranet using Sproket. 

That's why we're so comfortable offering our customers this guarantee: 

If after 6 months of using Sproket in your organisation you decide our product is not the right fit, or it has failed to deliver agreed results, we'll cancel the license agreement and refund all the license fees you’ve paid.


Satisfaction Guarenteed

Benefits of Sproket

Whatever problem you’re trying to solve – such as ineffective communications, poor document management, policies nobody uses, or a complex content management system – a Sproket intranet can simplify your business.

  • Ready-made features remove a lot of the effort (and angst!) that comes with starting from scratch, particularly for small teams and companies.
  • Sproket doesn’t require the time, budget or technical expertise normally associated with massive systems that need significant configuration.
  • New software comes with new risks, whereas Sproket is already fully compatible with SharePoint and Office 365, so security is assured and risks and testing are minimised.
  • The intuitive interface, branded to your requirements, makes Sproket an intranet your staff will value, reducing the likelihood it will become out of date.
  • We’re continually adding features and making them available through regular updates, reducing your intranet’s total cost of operating.
  • Flexible maintenance and support options will keep your intranet running smoothly.


Sproket is a trusted and intuitive intranet product with an ever-expanding range of built-in features and capability.

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