What's new in Sproket: September 2022

Sproket v4.13 Updates
This month we've launched some exciting updates, in addition to some more minor changes as we continue to supercharge your SharePoint with Sproket. Here's a rundown of the new and improved features of Sproket v4.13.

Expand your site navigation with a comprehensive mega menu

Upgrade to Sproket 4.13 to unlock the full potential of the new mega menu, allowing users to see and reach different areas of your SharePoint site, including lower-level pages from the main menu. A mega menu provides quick access across the site by showing the structure in a cohesive, easy-to-follow layout.

In addition, you can now use the custom item styling functionality to set background colours and hover effects, creating a menu that reflects your brand's dynamic visual language.
Configuring the Sproket Mega Menu

Minimise on Scroll

We've also implemented a minimised version of the Sproket header, which is focused on the navigation and the logo. You can now scroll down the page without the Hub navigation being removed from your view – something SharePoint hasn't been able to do until now.

Make the switch under Settings > 'Menu Style', with the option to choose from 'Mega Menu' and 'Cascading'.

Your users will love this time-saving addition, never left searching for pages again.

Take your events to the next level

Another game changer in this release is the supercharged event web parts.

The new web part, 'Upcoming Events', goes above and beyond the standard out-of-box event functionality, allowing you to pull from multiple events sources. You can now enhance the visibility of your events directly from the homepage, with colour-coded calendar and category labels.

Stay informed by clicking on the 'next' arrow to view all future events. This is a fantastic way to browse all upcoming events in just a few simple clicks.

By clicking on 'See All', you'll be taken from the home page to the new Events Hub, which shows a full calendar view of all your events, with the ability to filter based on the calendar and category labels you've set up.

Easily switch between the Month, Week, Day, List and Swim-Lane view for complete visibility of your events calendar.

Watch your events grow with these brand-new web parts!

Upcoming Events and Events Hub

Daily Briefing and the News Hub

It can be challenging to stay on top of all the news within your organisation, especially distinguishing between what is essential information versus what is 'nice-to-know'. This is why we've created the Daily Briefing web part, sharing the day's important news.

The Daily Briefing section presents users with colour-coded labels associated with each event, highlighting the site the news is related to (for example, IT or Marketing) and the category of that particular article (for example, Social or Office Updates).

Sproket v4.13 also comes with our hot-off-the-fire News Hub, a one-stop shop for all news articles within your organisation's SharePoint site, with additional filter and search functionality - another feature not previously possible with out-of-the-box SharePoint.

By clicking on 'See All' from the home page, users will be taken to the News Hub where they can filter articles based on the Area/Site of News, Category and Date range.

Explore further by clicking on posts, which feature important event details with the option to share via email or Yammer.

With Sproket's News Hub, you're guaranteed to find the information you're looking for, staying up to date with important news.

Daily Briefing and News Hub view
See all the new Sproket updates in action

Time Zone Clocks

Time Zone clocks make scheduling around time zones easy.

Sproket's new Time Zone clocks web part, allows you to add one or multiple locations to your home page view, displaying the City, Time and Date in one singular module. Now with Sproket 4.13, you can show the hours behind, the date in a certain location, and the time in analogue view.

We've also enhanced the look and feel of the web part, ensuring the module is cohesive with the design of your Intranet.

Enjoy the latest version of Sproket today

Updating to the latest version of Sproket is easy and can be completed by yourself in just a few steps. Follow our helpful guide below to experience the new features of Sproket version 4.13.

Learn how to upgrade and install Sproket

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