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Page Layouts

With over 10 page layouts to choose from, you will be sure to find one that suits your page content. All layouts ensure your pages display beautifully on all devices.

Sproket Page Layouts

Policy Hub

Knowledge Base

Help your team easily find what they are looking for. Build a hierarchy of pages and group similar pages together using drag and drop. It's useful for content organisation or as a wiki.


Countdown to an important or exciting event that will engage your team.

Mini Counter



Represent a series of commonly used links that can be easily managed and accessed.

Rotating Banner

Using a Rotating Banner strengthens your corporate identity with a strong visual presence. Overlaying the text on the image highlights the key message and allows users to click through to more detail.

Promo Panels

Highlight important news, events or forms using the Promo Panels. The image accompanied by text allows users to quickly identify the relevance of the promotion. 

Promo and Banner Panels

Contacts List


Display relevant contact details, including profile pictures, phone and email, from your central profile directory.


Teams love to know what the weather is. Sproket delivers weather in an elegant way.

A simple yet handy tool that displays on your Intranet site for one or more locations.

Great Weather

My Account

My Account

My Account is all about you. View and update your profile information, recent uploads, followed sites and tasks to make your intranet experience personal.

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