Social and collaboration

Reduce email overload while supporting collaboration with our targeted features.

Sproket supports collaboration in multiple ways, enabling teams to interact and engage with each other without being overloaded by emails.

Social integration

Sproket integrates with social platforms including Yammer, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Workplace to ensure your teams can: 

    • participate in discussions
    • share ideas and documents to reduce rework
    • provide feedback on changes being proposed
    • connect with colleagues they rarely meet in person
    • establish a profile at departmental or organisational level.

Social channels that can be integrated into Sproket

Project collaboration

Our Projects Hub makes it easy to set up, manage and track projects and even share them through a secure portal with external stakeholders. See Projects Hub for details.

Content collaboration

Workflow capability enables team members to collaborate on content and documents before passing them for approval by a manager or project lead. See Forms and workflow for details.

News commenting and likes

The News feature includes Comment and Like options to encourage your teams to interact and engage. See Communications for more information.

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