Projects Hub

Manage and collaborate on projects, no matter which methodology you’re using.

From setting up new projects in minutes to collaborating with project contributors in other organisations, the Projects Hub is an essential part of your Sproket intranet.

Centralised project register

The Project Hub’s dashboard of current and past projects helps retain organisational knowledge, reducing the likelihood that people will 'reinvent the wheel’ and showing new staff what’s been done before.

Projects register image

Project templates

We create project templates that are tailored to your organisation.

This helps employees quickly and easily request a new project site that contains the default stages or options for your methodology - agile, lean, PRINCE2 etc.

Details are automatically displayed in the project register for an easy overview of the status against time and budget.

Image of simple project template request
Example of simple template that can be customised

Project milestones image

Milestone tracking

Add your key milestones in a visual display, so all members of a project team can see at a glance how they are tracking. 

Status KPIs

Enhance your project management with the addition of the KPIs column. The traffic light status indicator shows what needs attention.

Secure collaboration via extranet

If you’re working with designers, IT developers, or other external companies, Sproket enables you to provide them with access to individual projects through a secure portal.

Smart image column image

List using status option for 'KPI' and smart images option for people

Manage projects effectively

Templates, tracking and collaboration can help your business

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