Policy Hub

Store your business policies in an easily accessible, manageable and auditable way.

The Sproket Policy Hub feature provides an easy to use interface for accessing your essential governance documentation. Source documents are all in a controlled library that can be automatically published to mobile friendly web pages.

Key benefits include:

Find policies and procedures easily through navigation or search.
Access and read them easily on any device.
Identify what’s changed recently and alert staff to new or changed policies.
Author, manage and maintain your content from Microsoft Word.
Convert Word to HTML for accessible, browser-based access, or to PDF.
Apply workflow for reviews and approvals before publishing.

Explore the features of the Policy Hub

The Policy Hub is a flexible and essential tool that helps you manage policies and procedures in a controlled, mobile friendly format.

Functionality including drag and drop navigation and dynamic updating reduces the effort of keeping all your policies in order.

Example of Policy Hub landing page

Drag and drop navigation

Build your structure in a flash with drag and drop navigation. 

Grouping similar policies together makes it intuitive for users to find what they are looking for and it’s easy to add new policies over time without the structure becoming unmanageable.  

Policies Menu

Converter feature

Converter tool

With our Converter feature, policies and procedures can be made suitable for all devices and screen sizes: create your document in Microsoft Word, then publish as an HTML page for an accessible and responsive (mobile-friendly) format and convert to PDF so it’s easy to email. 

Workflow approvals

Policy Hubs’ preconfigured workflow will help you manage the content review and approval process.

Workflow can be set at document or page level and, once approved, content can appear automatically for extra efficiency. 

Workflow diagram

'Sticky' Table of contents feature

Table of contents

No matter how long your policy or procedure is, staff can navigate around using the ‘sticky’ Table of contents functionality, which displays the links at the top of the screen.

Dynamic lists

Display dynamic lists where you need them, such as forms, recently updated pages, or use tags and metadata to automatically add new content to existing lists such as HR policies and IT user guides.

Dynamic lists help reduce the manual effort of keeping your site current. 

Dynamic lists feature

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