Policy Hub

Policy Hub

Store your business policies in an easily
accessible, manageable and auditable way.

Policy Hub is an essential tool to help manage your policies and procedures in a controlled, yet friendly format.

Key benefits include:

Finding policies and procedures easily.
Accessing & reading policies on any device.
Stay up-to-date with the latest policies.
Author, manage & maintain your content from Microsoft Word.
Convert Microsoft Word documents to HTML & PDF formats.
Ensure documents are reviewed and approved before published.

Easy Navigation

Policies & Procedures are structured into a hierarchy that can be quickly built using drag and drop. This groups similar policies together and makes it intuitive for users to find what they are looking for. Leverage SharePoint web parts to surface related documents and forms.

Policies Menu

Policy Hub Converters


Use Microsoft Word to author your policies & procedures. Utlise the Policy Hub feature to convert to HTML and PDF. With HTML, policies are easier to read on all devices.

Workflow Approvals

Empower staff to author documents, have them reviewed & approved by management before being published.

Workflow Approval

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