Page builder and layouts

Page building, made simple. Style your pages with easy-to-use grid layouts and ready-to-go widgets.

You don’t need a designer or a developer to create a great Sproket Intranet. We’ve done all the thinking for you so, once Sproket is installed, you’re ready to start building. 

Page builder

Sproket’s Page builder feature makes it easy to create individual pages with their own unique structure and appearance in just a few clicks.

Simply add page columns and rows to suit your needs, decide whether you want to display left hand navigation, and you’re ready to add content.

All options are responsive - designed to display beautifully on tablets and mobile devices as well as larger screens.

Page Builder Video

Add Widget


Part of the page builder, enhance the page structure you’ve created by adding and arranging widgets from the gallery.

Using the Sproket toolset, manage content with options to create tabs and expand/collapse lists within pages, or choose from the SharePoint Web parts at your disposal to display dynamic content such as documents, projects and contacts.


Tiles are one of the ways you can highlight key links that everyone needs to access, such as annual leave forms, IT guides or maintenance requests.

Different layout options give you control over how to display them – as icons or images – and how many to present to users.

Tiles feature - icon layout

Tiles in 'icon' layout

Tiles feature showing 'images' layout

Tiles in 'images' layout

Image gallery - present in rows

Image gallery in 'rows' layout

Image gallery - present in columns
Image gallery in 'columns' layout

Image gallery

Display images from a gallery or library in a professional and visually appealing way.

Choose to display by row or column and Sproket presents them as tiles, with a lightbox feature for full-size viewing.

Content accordions

If you need to display large amounts of content on one page – such as procedures or frequently asked questions – the Accordion web part helps you present it in an easily browsable way.

You can draw information from a SharePoint list or populate individual items that can be added to pages as a sidebar or as part of the main content.

Content accordion feature

Flexible and responsive

Other Sproket features also offer flexible layouts so you can customise each page and section to suit your needs. All options are responsive, meaning the same great experience on mobile devices as on desktop and laptop.

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