Forms and workflow

Streamline and automate processes by leveraging SharePoint’s form and workflow tools.

Forms and workflows improve productivity by cutting time and effort out of common tasks and approvals, freeing up employees to concentrate on other important work. 

SharePoint and third-party tools

Sproket is 100% compatible with SharePoint so your existing SharePoint forms and workflow capability is automatically there for you.

That includes PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint Designer and third party add-ons for more powerful workflows. 

Content approval workflows

Sproket has a number of workflows to help you manage your Intranet and its content easily:

  • Staff can collaborate on a document then send it for review and approval by management
  • Teams can create their own news and submit to Communications for publishing
  • Authors can take responsibility for updating content that is quality-checked by an expert

Leverage the power of workflow by implementing approvals on document and page changes to ensure your content is accurate, approved and meets the requirements of an audit trail.

Workflow diagram

Automate Business Processes

How can Sproket create new efficiencies in your business?

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