Keep employees up-to-date with news, events and alerts – easy and secure internal communications.

Sproket has everything you need for sharing news and important information with your employees. 

News and announcements

Manage news across your organisation with Sproket’s easy-to-use features and the News Hub.

You can display a combination of corporate or localised news, tailored to the user profile:

Homepage news and promotions

Promotional panels, rotating banners and flexible layouts … you have complete control over how you share what’s important, using a combination of images and text.

Sproket News Hub

Sproket News Hub

News Hub

The News Hub is where employees can access all news items including the latest announcements, with filters and a search to find articles by date or topic.

Featured news

Display a summary of selected news items or use our flexible layout options to feature a main story next to other articles.

Commenting and liking

Encourage people to interact with stories and engage with other team members using the Comment and Like features.

News contributors will also be able to see how many people have read the article.

Alerts and notifications

The Alerts bar can be set to appear when you need an alert on all pages, such as an upcoming outage or unexpected problem.

Add the details and define the priority to ensure the message is highly visible to staff.

Weather forecast feature


Always a favourite! Teams love to know what the weather is so Sproket delivers it in a simple and elegant way.

Set your chosen locations(s) or set for geolocation, which prompts the user to turn on their location settings.

It‘s a great conversation starter for teams spread across different cities or countries.

What’s Up

Support a positive culture by helping colleagues get to know one another and celebrate anniversaries and successes.

What’s up stores information centrally and locally so you’ll never miss a special event or Birthday again. 

What's up feature

Countdown module - example 1

Countdown module example 2


Trying to generate excitement about a product launch, company anniversary, or just the weekend?

Count down with our Counter feature, available in multiple formats. 

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