Business tool add-ins

Sproket comes with a suite of features to make your intranet an invaluable business tool.

Sproket’s built-in business tools aim to save you time by putting information at your fingertips.

Wiki and Knowledge Base

Help your staff easily find what they are looking for. Use Sproket’s Knowledge base feature to create a hierarchy of pages using drag and drop, and enable staff to navigate through a table of contents.

It's useful for organising content – such as training manuals or steps in a process – or as an enterprise-wide or project-focussed wiki.

Wiki and Knowledge base feature

Quick links feature

'Classic' layout for quick links

Content chevron - horizontal layout

'Chevron' layout for quick links web part

Quick Links and clickable chevrons

Our classic Quick Links panel provides easy access to resources such as internal documents, templates or forms, or external websites that need to be accessed by all staff.

Change the webpart to ‘chevron’ layout and you can insert a horizontal or vertical diagram that displays multi-step processes, stages in a project or consultation, or the direction of a workflow.

Each step links to further information and the diagram resizes to fit your content.

Time zones

The handy time zones feature provides an at-a-glance view of the time in different cities.

Flexible settings allow you to add multiple locations and choose the layout and display format.

Time zones feature - three-column layout

Time zones feature - two-column layout

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