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Currency Converter

Currency converter at the touch of your fingertips. Enable this add-in to view and compare multiple currencies relevant to your organisation.

Currency in Ribbon

Stocks in Ribbon

Stock Ticker

Monitor your business’s public listing with a stock ticker shown at the top of every page.


Teams love to know what the weather is. Sproket delivers weather in a simple way on every page.

Weather in Ribbon

Favourites Menu


Favourites that are accessible on the go. Save your own personal Intranet favourites to ensure you can easily navigate back to them. 

Audit Panel

The Audit Panel displays key meta data on every page of your intranet such as 'Page Owner' and 'Modified Date'. 

Information Bar

The information bar allows for an organisation wide alert to display on all pages within your Intranet site. Define the priority of your alert and the relevant information to ensure your message is conveyed to your team.


Sproket columns increase adoption by enhancing the users experience.

The KPI column type is useful for providing a quick visual update in a traffic light format as a status indicator.

Our Smart Image column introduces the ability for users to drag and drop images into forms, resize and manipulate before submitting. 

Sproket List

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