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Intuitive, Simple, Smart

Knowledge Hub
Knowledge Hub is just one way to better use your intranet as a single source of truth. It allows you to outline policies, document procedures, induct new team members and share knowledge, all while ensuring the information is only available when and where it should be. It also features trackable compliance, allowing you to ensure new team members are successfully onboarded and all workers are advised of policy and procedural updates. Featuring an intuitive navigation bar, table of contents, easy Word document conversion and recorded view data.
Project Hub
Managing your projects, whether internal or external, it has never been easier. Project Hub provides you with a central register to enter your organisational or individual team projects, then auto generates a project workspace based on a configurable template. Enabling the team to securely communicate, update key milestones and collaborate together on project content.
People Hub
As your organisation grows and changes, the people within it change too. This interactive staff directory and organisational chart allows you to easily track these changes by displaying up to date employee details. Put a face to the name, filter and search based on profile information and click through to see who reports to who. Easily contact your team members and get to know your evolving workforce.
Intuitive Web Parts
Easily generate expandable, FAQ-style information.

App Launcher
Prominently display relevant/frequently used apps

Display business documents wherever they're needed

Image Carousel
Beautify your intranet with rotating image libraries.

Expand the functionality of SharePoint with 16 unique Sproket web parts, including:
My Account
Intuitively navigate your personal SharePoint experience.

Track the progress of a project at a single glance.

Whats Up
Display upcoming events, from birthdays to training courses.

My Teams
Find and interact with your Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams Integration
Sproket features a wealth of Microsoft Teams integrations. Display your teams collective knowledge eliminating the need to open multiple applications at once. No matter whether you use MS Teams or your intranet, Sproket is will supercharge your team.