About Us

About Us

Since 2009, Sope Web Technologies has been delivering custom SharePoint solutions to hundreds of clients all over Australia, from large enterprises to small businesses, intranet portals to extranets (check out our case studies).

We’ve learned that many companies are trying to address similar business problems – such as better collaboration, productivity and communications, and improved document management – through their next intranet deployment.

So, we built Sproket to transform the potential power of the SharePoint platform into an accessible, feature-rich intranet that can be deployed in days.

Sproket is a flexible and powerful feature set, targeted at the most common intranet use-cases, and requires no customisation to use (although of course we offer that if you need it). Explore Sproket’s features or get in touch with the team at Sope to request a demo.

Our Vision

We believe in creating the right tools to make powerful and cost-effective intranets for organisations of any size. By combining the power of the SharePoint platform with Sope’s understanding of organisational needs, we can offer an intranet that’s rich in features, responsive, and exceptionally quick and efficient to install.