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Make your intranet a social intranet to improve participation and engagement and encourage knowledge sharing.

Intranet Social Network Solution

For decades businesses have struggled with experimental approaches to finding out how they can keep their employees motivated and productive in team business environments.

Social networking has certainly proven highly effective in arresting attention and encouraging open communication. Unfortunately, in the past most of the social networking activity taking place in Australian workplaces was inappropriately directed outwards, targeting major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This external focus actually results in lost productivity and increased risk.

Australian developer and SharePoint consultancy, Sproket, has created a social intranet solution that reverses these problems and actually makes social networking productive and secure, leading to more effective teams with better synergy than ever before.

Social networking can be either negative or positive

So many Australian businesses have experienced negative side-effects from externally focused social networking that some have taken the extraordinary step of banning personal communications devices in the workplace or attempting to limit access to external social networks through the use of (easily defeated) proxy systems and firewalls.

If you're unaware of those negative side-effects, just two of them are:

  • Distraction. Employees can become so engrossed in the external dramas of the lives of their contacts that they completely lose track of the task they should be doing.
  • Vulnerability. The Internet itself is a very dangerous environment. For the first time in history, most of the population have not met the majority of their "friends" in person. This means, for one thing, the opportunities for social engineering (the largest threat to all businesses) is absolutely rampant. Links and attachments from external sources are also a major vector for digital infection.

The problem is that simply cutting people off from social networking sources completely does seem to have a negative impact on some individuals, especially younger people. It can actually cause them to exhibit symptoms similar to those observed in depressed persons, as well as increased anxiety. Bizarre as this may sound, it is an observable phenomenon in susceptible individuals who meet the criteria for social media addiction.

That's a real thing, by the way. Some people actually can become addicted to social media and will experience negative psychological and physiological reactions to a prolonged absence from the stimulation provided by social media.

The good news is you can harness the power of social media as a force of good, provided that it is your own social media and not that of an external provider such as Facebook and Twitter.

An important aspect to consider is that external social networks seem to be designed to be as obtrusive as possible, constantly badgering the user to engage with them, and thus be exposed to more advertising content, divulge more personal information about themselves, and so on.

The key to making internal social media work is to make it as unobtrusive as possible, encouraging the least amount of engagement with it. The upside of providing an interactive environment where people can talk about work related issues is that it allows for better interdepartmental communication, and can foster a greater sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Another potential benefit is that more introverted individuals who may be less inclined than others to interact on a personal level with their colleagues may feel more confident to interact in a digital environment, thus improving the overall cohesion of the workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sproket runs on SharePoint 2013 Standard & Enterprise, SharePoint 2016 Standard & Enterprise and all Office 365 SharePoint editions.
Yes. Sproket is will display very well on all modern smart phones and will adjust to suite different aspect ratios. Note that if you are hosting SharePoint on premise your SharePoint environment must be accessible externally.
You can install any third party SharePoint add-ins without limitation. Obviously we cannot support those products and any issues with the products will need to be directed to the product vendors.
Sproket can be installed all by yourself if you wish from the Sproket Management Portal. Your Sproket intranet will be installed in under 20 minutes.

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