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Intranets are difficult to get right

Businesses can find it challenging to create a successful intranet that is simple to use, cost effective to implement and quick to configure to a business’s requirements.

  • There are many challenges in starting from scratch.
  • Expensive from both a time and money perspective.
  • It is risky that it may not work as it is unproven.
  • Hard to keep current and relevant.
  • Difficult to configure.
  • SharePoint is a platform, not a solution.

Sproket makes intranets easy!

  • Sproket comes loaded with functionality that can be easily tailored to your business needs.
  • Sproket is easy to install, responsive and intuitive, allowing you to roll out your intranet in a short period of time at a fraction of the cost of a custom solution.
  • Sproket is easy to configure and requires no technical expertise.
  • Built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, Sproket is a ready-made intranet solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office 365. As Microsoft continues to release new features you can rest assure that Sproket will leverage these new capabilities.
  • With a growing feature set you can ensure your intranet stays modern and ahead of your competitors. With Sproket, organisations can implement a feature-rich, mobile-ready, custom-branded intranet in a matter of days. Sproket leverages our experience in developing hundreds of SharePoint intranets.
  • Sproket is backed by our Australian based support team that ensures your intranet stays running optimally. It gives you access to all the latest features we release. Find out more about our updates.

Melbourne Intranet Service Providers

Everyone knows what an ISP is, right? It's the Internet Service Provider that helps you connect the router at your home or office to the Internet. Read More

They're kind of like a "middle man" between you and the Internet, and they're only necessary because connecting directly to the Internet without help from an ISP would be a technically difficult and expensive project for most people.

Well, there's a different kind of ISP that most people haven't heard about. These are "Intranet Service Providers". What intranet service providers can do for you is similar in a lot of ways to what an Internet service provider does.

Just like an Internet Service Provider makes it easier and less expensive to access the Internet, your intranet service provider makes it easier and less expensive to have an intranet.

Who needs an intranet? Any organization with more than a handful of employees or members who work with documents and information should seriously consider having an intranet system. What does an intranet do? It actually has a lot of functions, but its primary purpose is to make it easy for you to share documents and information internally in a much more secure environment.

Why internal information security is important

Historically security in IT has been focused on external threats to the organization. There were a few notable exceptions such as in the military, in certain scientific fields, and in finance.

The problem was they didn't share their reasoning with people working in different industries to their own. As a result, people working in those other industries kind of took the view "We're not the military so we don't have any secrets worth stealing!"

It's only in very recent times that the wider community has begun to truly understand the real value of information. Criminals came to the realization first, and the rest of the community has been playing catch-up ever since, always one step behind.

Information is precious. It can be used against you in so many different ways. If it harms you directly, that's bad. If it only harms your customers directly, it's still bad because that eventually has to turn back around and harm you indirectly one way or another.

What the military and the banks understood so long ago is that the biggest danger is not from the outside, but from the inside. Internal threats comprise more than 80% of all cybercrime incidents.

Now, this does not mean we should be paranoid about employees. Most of the people responsible for introducing a cybercrime incident into the workplace had no knowledge that they were doing this. It's simply that they don't have the security knowledge necessary to prevent themselves from becoming unwitting accomplices to a cybercrime.

How an intranet helps reduce the risk of an information leak

Intranets throw up an additional layer of "stop and think". They also isolate confidential internal documents and data from your externally facing web traffic.

Properly classifying your documents and data, and applying some simple firewall rules, can even automatically prevent confidential information being unintentionally sent outside of the confines of the intranet.

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To learn more about the many other advantages of having an intranet in your organization, contact Sproket on 1300 777 653.

Sproket provides cloud based intranet, out of the box. Our team provides custom solutions to suit your business needs. Check out our examples or contact us on 1300 777 653

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sproket runs on SharePoint 2013 Standard & Enterprise, SharePoint 2016 Standard & Enterprise and all Office 365 SharePoint editions.
Yes. Sproket is will display very well on all modern smart phones and will adjust to suite different aspect ratios. Note that if you are hosting SharePoint on premise your SharePoint environment must be accessible externally.
You can install any third party SharePoint add-ins without limitation. Obviously we cannot support those products and any issues with the products will need to be directed to the product vendors.
Sproket can be installed all by yourself if you wish from the Sproket Management Portal. Your Sproket intranet will be installed in under 20 minutes.

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