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Intranets are difficult to get right

Businesses can find it challenging to create a successful intranet that is simple to use, cost effective to implement and quick to configure to a business’s requirements.

  • There are many challenges in starting from scratch.
  • Expensive from both a time and money perspective.
  • It is risky that it may not work as it is unproven.
  • Hard to keep current and relevant.
  • Difficult to configure.
  • SharePoint is a platform, not a solution.

Sproket makes intranets easy!

  • Sproket comes loaded with functionality that can be easily tailored to your business needs.
  • Sproket is easy to install, responsive and intuitive, allowing you to roll out your intranet in a short period of time at a fraction of the cost of a custom solution.
  • Sproket is easy to configure and requires no technical expertise.
  • Built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, Sproket is a ready-made intranet solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office 365. As Microsoft continues to release new features you can rest assure that Sproket will leverage these new capabilities.
  • With a growing feature set you can ensure your intranet stays modern and ahead of your competitors. With Sproket, organisations can implement a feature-rich, mobile-ready, custom-branded intranet in a matter of days. Sproket leverages our experience in developing hundreds of SharePoint intranets.
  • Sproket is backed by our Australian based support team that ensures your intranet stays running optimally. It gives you access to all the latest features we release. Find out more about our updates.

The Best Intranet Solutions For Your Small Business

Sproket is a small Melbourne-based company doing big things in intranet development. As we're still technically a small business ourselves, we understand many of the communications and information sharing challenges faced by small businesses in Australia today, and we've developed solutions based on our own experience. Read More

This is why the systems we develop provide the best intranet solutions for you. We started by developing what was necessary to meet our own needs, and then we listened to what other Australian business managers were looking for in an intranet system. This development approach is what allowed us to create the simple, elegant solution that today we promote as our intranet-in-a-box.

Why you should consider Sproket intranet

If your business has more than a handful of employees, especially if they're located in different places at least some of the time, and they could benefit from a central point for information and collaboration, an intranet is going to help you. Sproket is a good choice because it's quicker easier and better than any other way to get an intranet up and running.

Using this system to share information within the group is, for example, far more secure than using email for the same purpose. It also allows you to share rich, full-featured content in the most efficient way. Email simply can't even come close to matching what you can do with Sproket intranet.

All of this is, by the way, branded in your own organizational branding. It's your intranet, not ours. We just built it for you as a simple out of the box solution you can install and deploy in minutes, and easily manage for achieving internal communications goals.

Real examples of how to Intranet is used

When two individuals need to communicate something business related that is also not strictly confidential, email is usually the most efficient way to achieve the task. It isn't usually the best way to share information with large groups, or where some of the content may be something other than text, or where it is highly undesirable for the information to leak outside of the organization.

Just to briefly explain the last part, email is inherently insecure. The only way to secure it is to manually encrypt your outgoing email message using something like PGP encryption. Even this encryption isn't very reliable, because most people choose lousy passwords. Sending sensitive information via email is risky.

A better way of communicating information without having to worry about it leaking accidentally outside of the organization is to add it to an intranet site. You can employ user access control to restrict information on the intranet to only those users who should be authorized to see it.

Of course, this only protects you from accidental leaks. There is no technology in existence that can prevent somebody from intentionally leaking information. People who have that intention will do it regardless of how they receive the information.

Email also has the flaw of being static information. Every time somebody new needs the information, you have to send it. And it can be difficult to keep track of whether you have the most current version of the information.

Intranet pages do away with all the problems by providing a central point from which all required information can be gathered by the people who need to gather it. An intranet can also provide an open space through which all of the members of a group can communicate easily with all of the other members.

Sproket provides cloud based intranet, out of the box. Our team provides custom solutions to suit your business needs. Check out our examples or contact us on 1300 777 653

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sproket runs on SharePoint 2013 Standard & Enterprise, SharePoint 2016 Standard & Enterprise and all Office 365 SharePoint editions.
Yes. Sproket is will display very well on all modern smart phones and will adjust to suite different aspect ratios. Note that if you are hosting SharePoint on premise your SharePoint environment must be accessible externally.
You can install any third party SharePoint add-ins without limitation. Obviously we cannot support those products and any issues with the products will need to be directed to the product vendors.
Sproket can be installed all by yourself if you wish from the Sproket Management Portal. Your Sproket intranet will be installed in under 20 minutes.

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