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Boost your employee communications with intranet software that helps them engage with and share corporate news, events and discussions.

Aims of Intranet Communication Software

Nowadays no organization can afford to be complacent when it comes to information security. This is one of the many ways the intranet communication software provided by Sproket can help you.

Intranet software has two primary missions:

  • Facilitate sharing of information internally, and
  • Help prevent accidental leakage of information externally

Sproket's intranet communication software is designed to meet these two objectives, and provides an abundance of additional benefits as well.

How an intranet helps facilitate internal information sharing

Obviously the main purpose of an intranet is to make it easy for people within an organization to share information with each other. This is right at the heart of why intranets were created in the first place.

It's important not to become confused about the difference between an intranet and a network. An intranet may run on a network, but it is not a network itself. The term "intranet server" also doesn't always refer to a dedicated hardware server. It most often refers to the software that serves hosted content. The intranet server software may be installed on a dedicated server but does not have to be, though we'd strongly recommend it.

Having clarified the terminology, we can now talk about how intranet information sharing is better than ordinary network sharing. Documents shared normally over a network usually are only able to be accessed by one user at a time. Using an intranet server allows you to provide controlled multi-user access.

Information could be shared in document form, in which case it may also be directly editable by any authorized user with sufficient network privileges, or it can be shared as an HTML document, which is normally intended for read-only access.

The advantage of serving information in HTML form is that it can be served very quickly to multiple users, consumes less computing resources, can display a wider range of content types (and do it better), and can easily link to other documents either within the intranet or on the Internet.

Sproket provides everything you need to get a system like this up and running quickly, saving you time and money. This is a complete turn-key intranet solution, where all you need to do is establish what information should be shared and how.

How an intranet helps prevent information leaks

All this communication takes place within a secure environment, isolated from the Internet, unless someone intentionally opens a gateway for inbound Internet connections. Fortunately that is not a task that is easily accomplished accidentally.

The contents of your intranet are not visible to Internet search engines, and there's no way for the Internet robots (or spiders) to crawl the contents of your network and report anything back. If your intranet server was incorrectly configured to be an Internet server, that would be a different matter. In that case, everything you did not specifically lock down would be wide open.

Multiple levels of software and hardware, including the intranet server itself, will usually be in place to block unwanted inbound connections. This should keep your information and data quite safe unless somebody within your organization performs an action which compromises security.

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You can learn more about our intranet system by contacting Sproket directly on 1300 777 653.

Sproket provides cloud based intranet, out of the box. Our team provides custom solutions to suit your business needs. Check out our examples or contact us on 1300 777 653.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sproket runs on SharePoint 2013 Standard & Enterprise, SharePoint 2016 Standard & Enterprise and all Office 365 SharePoint editions.
Yes. Sproket is will display very well on all modern smart phones and will adjust to suite different aspect ratios. Note that if you are hosting SharePoint on premise your SharePoint environment must be accessible externally.
You can install any third party SharePoint add-ins without limitation. Obviously we cannot support those products and any issues with the products will need to be directed to the product vendors.
Sproket can be installed all by yourself if you wish from the Sproket Management Portal. Your Sproket intranet will be installed in under 20 minutes.

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