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Improve communication, collaboration and productivity in your organisation with a Sproket intranet, branded your way.

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Sproket Overview
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Hundreds of companies have trusted us to deliver Sproket – our simply brilliant, mobile-responsive intranet that is built on top of SharePoint and Office 365 and branded to meet your needs.

It’s quick to install so you will be up and running in no time. Leverage existing SharePoint functionality and extend it with Sproket.

Sproket has evolved from Sope’s 10+ years of consulting experience, so we understand what every business expects from an intranet. Why not explore our extensive features or request a demo?

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Access your intranet securely from anywhere, on any device, with a Sproket business intranet – available in the cloud or on-premises.

How your organisation or group could benefit from an intranet system

Everyone in the modern world is familiar with the Internet. It has become so tightly integrated into most people's lives, many would feel completely lost without it. We use the Internet for entertainment, social interaction, doing business, and sharing information.

Even though the Internet is so familiar, many people still only have a vague concept of what an intranet system may be. A simple intranet functions in a similar way to the Internet, except that it's not designed as a publicly accessible resource and is not available to everyone.

Intranets are intended to be accessed only by a select group of members who are already connected to each other in some way. For this reason, the most common type is a business intranet.

Cloud-based intranets

A business intranet is very different from an Internet site in that it's not open to the public and doesn't show up in Internet searches. It is a private area protected against inbound connections from the rest of the Internet by a firewall.

Users can still access the Internet via their network unless there's a local policy expressly preventing that action, but ordinary Internet users cannot access the intranet.

The key benefits of an intranet include making it easier for members of your group to connect with each other, share information, and access information that is of interest to them but of no special interest to the general public.

Sproket: the new intranet concept from Sope

Intranets are nothing new, they've been around for more than 20 years. But just because something has been around for a while doesn't mean it can't be improved and reinvented, which is just what Sope has done with our new Sproket system, which can operate as a cloud Intranet system or on premises.

It's an intranet designed for the modern workplace. It's an intranet-in-a-box, and it makes the way you communicate and share information within an organisation so much simpler, more effective, and more secure.

This system is easy to deploy and can be accessed on all modern browsers including Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.

You get a system that's all configured and ready to go, fully customisable in every imaginable way, and without requiring the significant investment of time that would be involved in developing an intranet system independently.

Flexible cloud-based or on-premises intranets

Many organisations are moving to Cloud hosting as a way of reducing their infrastructure and hosting expenses.

Sproket can be operated on your own web servers or in the cloud, maintaining the standards of reliability and security you expect. We can help you navigate the options to achieve the best outcome for your business.

Find out more

To find out more about how Sproket can help you, call Sope today on 1300 777 653, or contact us.

Sproket provides cloud based intranet, out of the box. Our team provides custom solutions to suit your business needs. Check out our examples or contact us on 1300 777 653.

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Sproket Customer Journey

  • 1
    Discovery & design
  • 2
    Build & brand
  • 3
    Refinements & content
  • 4
  • 5
    Training & support

Discovery and design

You've made a great decision; now let's start work to get your Sproket intranet up and running. In a workshop, we'll thoroughly explore your requirements and understand your business and IT context. By the end, we'll have agreed features, scope, budget and timeline – the countdown begins! Read More


Build and brand

See your new intranet take shape as our team installs and configures Sproket into your SharePoint/Office 365 environment, complete with your approved brand and design. By the end of this stage, you’ll have a fully responsive site with features and will be ready to start on the content. Read More


Refinements and content

While we’re making minor adjustments, you’ll be focused on creating or migrating all the great content your teams rely on. With training and support, you’ll be growing in confidence as you build page layouts and add features in our intuitive interface. Read More



With on-demand support from our expert team, you'll be amazed how quickly you reach launch day – and how smoothly it goes. We'll make sure you have all the documentation you need and an understanding of how our support continues from here. Read More


Training and support

Different support options provide flexibility for your business. Whichever model you choose, you'll still have access to our awesome developers and Sproket and SharePoint experts, plus a world of online guides and screenshots to complement your training documentation. Read More

Sproket Features

Sproket is packaged with all the features you need for an intranet that
supports business productivity, communications and collaboration.


Keep employees up-to-date with news, events and alerts – easy and secure internal communications.

Policy Hub

Store and manage business policies and processes in an easily accessible and auditable way.

Projects Hub

Manage and collaborate on projects, no matter which methodology you’re using.

Contacts and People Hub

Take the pain out of finding people with our directory and organisational chart features.

Social and collaboration

Reduce email overload while supporting collaboration with our targeted features.

Page Builder and layouts

Page building, made simple. Style your pages with easy-to-use grid layouts and ready-to-go widgets.


An enhanced search experience that makes finding content and people easier.

Forms and workflow

Streamline and automate business process by leveraging SharePoint’s workflow engine.

My account and personalisation

Make Sproket your own with shortcuts to apps and tasks plus a user profile you control.

Business tools

Sproket comes with a suite of features to make your Intranet an invaluable business tool.

What people say

Hundreds of happy customers across every industry are running
intranets on Sproket. Explore some of our many projects


Sproket is built to work on Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 and 2019, providing the flexible functionality you need, with no custom development. Host on-premises or cloud, and choose the level of support that’s right for you. Read more about technical requirements, support and hosting. 

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SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016

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